Useful Links

If you want articles, info and resources,

Worth subscribing to her emails. Very useful on how to use social media in self publishing – although she recently has a book deal so will be blogging about hybrid publishing now.

Easy resource to get lost in. You have to check it out.

Mostly YA authors but the advise they give about writing and the publishing world is useful in all genres.

If you’re feeling insecure,

Join the list and on the first Wednesday of every month post about your authorly insecurities. Just remember to spread the love and comment on other people’s posts too.

If you’re looking for a community,

I haven’t been on this site long but I had a very warm welcome and there’s lots going on.

Four rounds throughout the year where you can set yourself writing goals, find encouragement and encourage others.

The baby of Kristen Lamb author of the new book Rise of the Machines: Human Authors in a Digital World. It’s a hub for creatives that proves we are not alone.

If you want and awesome diary just for writers,

I love this! There are lists of resources including retreats, competitions, course etc. There is also loads and loads of space for scribbling and is perfect for temporarily storing notes you have already scribbled and don’t want to lose.  If I could marry a diary…


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