Insecure Writer’s Support Group

After last Friday’s post it felt like time to go and find some therapy so I’ve signed up for the above.  Unfortunately it means this weeks ‘word of the week’ will be posted tomorrow, followed by another post on Friday.  It will be a challenge to do three posts in a row and that’s my first fear – that there is never enough time to do everything. Christmas is just round the corner and despite all the time off the day job there still wont be much time to get everything done.

This is closely followed by the fact that when some writing time is available I can’t quite seem to get that perfect prose on paper that sounds oh so good in my head. This week has been a week of tinkering constantly and being frustrated because the right words can’t seem to be shuffled into the right order.

What is everybody else worrying about at the moment? If you want some support too then follow the link below and sign up.


NaNo Prep – or three good reasons for a cup of tea.

Two and a half weeks to go. Is anyone else excited?

Just me?

In celebration here’re my three hints for NaNo prep.

  1. If you’re in the planning camp it’s worth thinking about a title and synopsis so that you can update your novel info, and for covers or banners to accompany your profile post. It’s always really interesting to know what other people are writing about and it also makes you more accessible to people who come along and check your profile out.  It’s not essential of course, but writing titles and synopsis are good practice – If nothing else they help you establish exactly what the core of your book is and help you to focus on what you want to write. However if you’re in the winging it cup put your feet up and have a cup of tea.

2. Depending on how you work now is also a good time to clear your writing diary. Make sure any current projects can be left alone to simmer while you work on NaNo. Paranoid freak that I am, my blog posts are drafted for November already.  However, if you’re an expert juggler have a cuppa and my eternal respect.

3.The forums are packed right about now. If you’re after mentors or writing buddies you’ll be inundated. Also check out your local forum for write ins. As insular and crazy as NaNo is there’s also chance for networking and there may be someone out there you’ll still want to talk to in December. However, if you see yourself more as a lone wolf of the literary world then it’s cup of tea time again.

Getting Connected


Two weeks ago I moved house and have been surviving without the internet ever since. It does feel like surviving as after the first four or five days I started to get twitchy. There is so much on the interent that was now just out of reach and things that were previously taken for granted, reviews on wattpad, emailing documents, uploading this blog, became military operations involving my smart phone and lunch time at work.

It made me wonder whether it was healthy to have so much of my writing life on the internet.  Virtually all the people in my writing circle are, well, virtual.  There’s not a single physical friend to be named (although my Dad likes some of it!)  It’s not for want of trying, but it could be that I’m the needy, desperate girl at the bar who will put it out for anyone. “You write! Oh, that’s just super, here have my email…”

Hopefully I appear much cooler online.  Or, at least, there’s the security of having time to edit myself before hitting the send button.

I have met some very amazing and talented people via my keyboard and I wouldn’t change that for the world. Plus it is so much cheaper to network online than it is to fork out the entrance fee for some of the writer’s conferences and courses that are about.  There is so much free information floating around which makes me reticent about spending money to learn the same things in a different way. Love goes out to Janice Hardy on Twitter.  The articles she posts are always favourites.

Still, it’s kind of sad that there’s no one to share a coffee with. So, inspired by the search for CritHarmony over at Poppy Writes a Book, I’m going to see if I can find some real life people to share writing with.  This is where the moving may help as the my new home is cosmopolitan enough to have a writer’s circle.   Then there are the NaNoWriMo write ins that will be happening across the country in November. This year is the year to get off my backside and try and make it to one of those.

There’re also some places I can go that won’t cost a bomb. If you’re near London, Spread the Word has some really useful events, some of which are even, gasp, FREE! The genre writing work shop they did last year was really indulgent and useful.  I just need to find more of those.

In order to do that though I really need to find me some Broadband…