Studying Pink

A while ago I wrote about writing stories for my niece and how I found it challenging.  Taking some advice from Tanya, I spent a family bbq with burying plastic bears in a sandpit.  Although no stories as such came from this I did take a step on the way to making my world a little bit more pink.

Everything about my niece is pink, from the clothes she wears to the toys she plays with. However, even with out this she would exude a natural pinkness that just comes from her innocent interaction with the world.  She is surrounded by people who love and care for her and that makes her happy and fearless in her explorations.  Covered in my own defensive layers of cynicism I have never, since my own childhood, fully appreciated what it means to be a true fairy tale heroine before.

Inevitably, I am now going to try and make my world a little bit more pink.  Not too much of course as I also enjoy delving into the darker colours on the spectrum, the almost black purples, the navy blues and greens like old thick bottle glass.

However, pink has its place and I found one of my own when my paperback copy of Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor was delivered, although not to my own address.  In the last five years I have moved houses more times than the Littlest Hobo and my amazon account reflects this.  When ordering the book that I had been gagging for since I finished The Daughter of Smoke and Bone I failed to choose the right delivery address and it went to my mum’s house.

Now I’d already prolonged the purchasing of this book as hardbacks take up more space and are harder to read in the bath (even with their dust jackets removed) and therefore there had been a steady growth of excitement as the release date of the paperback approached.  Then I had a text from my mum saying an Amazon parcel had arrived for me.  Then I waited until my birthday when my mum was visiting anyway, and then, with the book finally in my hands I made a conscious decision to finish the book I was reading before delving back in to the word of angels and chimera.  Why? Because the childlike excitement of knowing the book is there, having it, holding it and appreciating the promise of a new adventure makes me feel undeniably pink.

Now I’m finding that pink is everywhere. All that is really needed is to take the time to appreciate it.

So what makes you feel pink?


The Zen of Small Plates

This blog post is about how a small plate started to change my attitude to life. If you’re here for the Round of Words 80 update scroll to the bottom.

Not so long ago my boyfriend and I moved into his dad’s house.  Prior to that I was used to having my own place and after the first three months or so I began to find the lack of space and agency a bit trying.

Bizarrely one of the things that really got to me was the size of the plates. These plates were massive white things with a diameter of 31.5cm, while an average plate has a diameter of 27.5cm.  This doesn’t seem like a hell of a lot until you pile it up with dinner. Needless to say, always the glutton, I started putting on weight. Around the time it became uncomfortable to sit down in my work trousers I stopped being pathetic and did two things,

  1. I started swimming again
  2. I bought a smaller plate.


Both of these things probably contributed to shedding some of that weight and just generally feeling happier about things, but it was the smaller plate that made me start to reconsider how I faced life. As I had considerably less to eat now than the two boys (with their extra 500 calories a day according to the NHS) I ate slower so I wouldn’t always finish first. This led to savouring the food more rather than just wolfing it down as I’m normally prone to do because I’m already busy thinking about the next task on the list.

The lesson of the small plate can be applied to other things too.  It helps me with my writing stress as before I’ve always been panicking about how much I have to do to be ‘successful’ in my own head. Now though I find myself slowing down and enjoying the creative process more, and talking to the people I meet on social media for their own sake, not because I have to make as many friends as possible.  There’s only so much time to go around after all, best enjoy it while I can.

What about you? Do you feel like there’s too much to do and no time? How do you cope with the pressure of it all?

On to Round of Words. For more info go to the blog.

  • I’ve been terrible with updates and didn’t post at all last week, mostly due to some problems with my lap top not wishing to talk to WordPress. These aren’t fixed yet but in the meantime my boyfriend’s lap top seems to be working ok with the web pages.
  • I have now uploaded two posts not Insecure Writer’s Support Group or Round of Words 80 related, and I’m hoping to get back to regular blog updates to justify spending money on my own website in the future.  Maybe. We’ll see how that goes.
  • Taken a break from plotting out my National Novel Writing Month project for November, will return to it in September but have been revising my MS like a demon this week.  I’m hoping to sort out the climax by the beginning of August so I can then go back for another round of tweaks.  This is a long shot but worth a try.
  • Been keeping up with reading other people’s blogs and discovered some new ones. All good.

How has everyone else been doing?

Stories for my Niece

Before my niece was born my brother asked me if I’d like to write her some stories.  There were two problems with this. Firstly, any stories for her would require pictures and my drawing is abysmal, as is my skill at hunting down on-line pictures for my blog.  Secondly, I have never before attempted to write […]