Time to do something scary!

One of the scarier parts of my day job involves doing presentations at a public meeting in front of elected ward members and the public.

Oh yes, serious stuff.

And I am always last on the agenda. Always. So while I sit and watch my colleagues share the pros and cons of new supermarkets my nerves twist in to painfully tight knots. My foot jumps. And bizarrely the inside of my wrists start to tingle. No idea how that works.

This month, and I strongly suspect this was as a result of adrenaline and light headedness, my inner heroine popped up with this idea,

when I am a famous author (!?) I’ll be expected to do talks/run workshops etc. so I should view this stomach twisting opportunity as a chance to overcome my fear.

Boom. Nerves gone to be replaced with a steely determination.  It lasted about half an hour. By the time I got up to speak my mouth was so dry it took me a whole minute to pronounce the word ‘small’. (smargh, smarl, sma-hal…)

I hated it, every minute. But I did do it, which in itself was encouraging.  If I can do that and survive while knowing that I have to do it again,  who knows what else I can accomplish. So I’ve signed up for a short writing course and, randomly, a burlesque taster class.  Both have given me palpitations, but that’s kind of a good thing. It doesn’t do to get too comfy in life does it?

Cat and Books by KristinNador

Picture taken by Kristin Nador on Flickr. Some rights reserved

What gives you palpitations? And have you done anything scary yet this year?



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