Review – Chasing Shadows by Tia Bach



Chasing Shadows, the second book in the Tala Prophecy, was released on Wednesday and if feels like I’ve been waiting far too long to find out what happened next.  Fortunately  it begins right were Chasing Memories finished. That means the book starts with a big fat rush of adrenaline and keeps right on going. It’s jam packed with werewolves, wiccans and devil spawn. There is some down time for romance to develop between Reagan and Rowan, but mostly the revelations keep coming and the stakes keep getting higher.

Reagan came into her own much more in this book. During Chasing Memories and the opening Chapters of Chasing Shadows she was very much a young woman lost in a world that she didn’t understand. There’s questions still to be answered at the end of Chasing Shadows but Reagan has grown in knowledge and confidence and by the last few chapters has the courage to make her own decisions.

I also liked getting to know Sam, Reagan’s brother, better. He develops from a secretive voice in her head to a young man with his own goals. I loved that these goals didn’t run in the same direction as Regan’s and consequently pushed her to make hard choices. It added another layer to the tensions already building within the story.

Rafe also grows in this book and we find out more about his past and why he is such an unpleasant character. Although we don’t get to see much of him, his presence is everywhere and when he does manage to turn up it’s always when the good guys least want him to.

There’s more of the supernatural world Reagan belongs to in this book too, although it is confined to the forest and there is not much shown about how the werewolves may have to interact with humans. It was good to see Reagan and her family come back together though and re-forge their bonds ready for the battle ahead. The ending of Chasing Shadows indicates that they will need all the strength they can get. Fortunately they know something about the Tala Prophecy that Rafe doesn’t…

Over all this was a brilliant, fast paced sequel that doesn’t suffer from the drag that sometimes accompanies the middle books in a series.

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