Bank Holiday Bliss


Bank Holidays are one of the good things about being British.  And one of the good things about May is that we get two of them!


There’s nothing like getting to Sunday night and realising that you don’t have to go into work on Monday morning. Instead I have a whole other whole day waiting for me to stretch out in.


Lazing in the sun by J. Robyn King from Flickr. Some Rights Reserved


I love that let out of school early kind of feeling. And on days like that I normally write.  Fortunately my boyfriend is around to makes sure that I get out of my pyjamas leave the house, and encounter fresh air   This weekend we may even be very British and crack out the strawberries and champagne for a picnic too.




As long as it doesn’t rain.  Rain loves bank holidays.


DSC_0216 (1)


Of course if it does rain there’s always the decorating to do 😦



How do you fill your free time? Any Brits out there with bank holiday plans?


4 thoughts on “Bank Holiday Bliss

  1. Bank holidays are great, but a bit like buses, wait for ages for one, then three come along in quick succession! Hoping the rain holds off and you can get out and enjoy strawberries and champagne!! 🙂

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