Insecure Writer’s Support Group – January

The last post on my blog made me realise exactly how much I do get out of IWSG. So this month I’m going to try to channel all my insecurities into something positive.

In my previous post I did reflect on the fact that I do not put as much into the IWSG as I get out of it so to change that I’m going to make IWSG last the whole month. Originally I had plans to  comment on every body’s post by next month, but since there are now 319 people on the list I think that’s too ambitious of me. If I comment on two of the blogs on the IWSG list though I will have seen 58 of you before the next update. I appreciate that’s setting the bar pretty low, but that’s in the interests of quality control and my sanity. If I can do more I will because it would be more comforting to finish on a round number.

I’m starting with Alex J. Cavanaugh who started Insecure Writer’s Support Group and then going through on every blog which has a number on the linky list that’s a multiple of 5 (to stop me getting confused.) I’ll check in next month. Hope everyone out there is having a productive start to the new year.

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9 thoughts on “Insecure Writer’s Support Group – January

    • You’re welcome, Alex. It occured to me that I’ve never actually commented on your blog and I should probably pull my finger out.
      And thanks for not scaring me!

  1. This is so funny because my IWSG new years goal was similar. I am now attempting to visit each and every blog on the linky list, but I have started at the bottom and am hitting each link (Some people are listed more than once – strange).

    I worked most of the day yesterday on this. I am not even halfway through. Luckily a lot of people have failed to post this month. So far, 58 no shows and 85 post under my belt.

    Good luck with your endeavor!

    Leanne ( )

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