Feeling Insecure?

As an addendum to my last post, this one is a tribute to the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, founded by Alex. J Cavanaugh. Now when it comes to online communities I’m a bit limp, invariably registering and then hiding in the corner doing the minimal amount or forgetting my login, password or both because real life is busy throwing other very important things at me. I didn’t even realise there was a competition to promote the group until I read it on another member’s post.  Thank you Linda King.

The beauty of Insecure Writer’s Support Group (IWSG) is that I don’t need a password.  All you have to do is add you name to the linky list here.  


It’s Easy

Then comes the hard part.  Then you have to remember, on the first Wednesday of every month to put up a blog post detailing about your insecurities writing related, or sometimes otherwise.  Now, for someone who blogs anyway you’d think this would be easy.  Not so much.  I do enjoy blogging but like with most things in my life (losing weight, trying to get more fresh air, trying to keep in touch with long distance friends) I have bursts of organisation and motivation which soon peters off when I hit a wall, burn out and spend a week lying on the sofa in the dark with a moist towel over my head.  There is so much to do! And seriously, who’d have thunk that this writing malarkey would take so much time!

The wonderful thing about IWSG is that it is only once a month. Even I can manage that.  Other groups go for two posts a week. A week! Frightening.  And once a month, despite whatever else is going on IWSG gets me writing a blog post.  I may not always get around to sharing the love on other people’s posts, and the fact that my own posts are lacking in comments reflects that, but once a month I still write and I still post. That’s important because even if no one reads these posts they are part of me discovering who I am when I write and what I want my voice to be.  And how I want my blog to look. Although not sure about today’s headings.

It works

Although I couldn’t tell you exactly why – perhaps the threat of missing two posts and being struck from the linky list (which is here, by the way.) Or it might be that even when I don’t read the other posts (and especially when I do) I get to see that other writers, all at different stages in their careers, are struggling with the same things and finding ways to overcome them.   If you were thinking about joining (by entering the linky list, in case I’ve not mentioned that enough already) and once a month isn’t enough for you then there is a recently launched facebook page, resources and a blog, and a community on Twitter (#IWSG).

Just remember that in order to test us all the January post will be on 8th and not the 1st.  See you there.


6 thoughts on “Feeling Insecure?

  1. Ha – I get in a panic about being dashed from the Linky list too! I love the IWSG – it gets me posting once a month when I might otherwise have gone longer! As you say, who’d have thunk this writing malarkey would take up so much time???

  2. I think I actually follow blogs for 8-9 people in this group, actually. The first, or is it last?, Wednesday of every month inevitably filled my inbox a little more! It’s a great idea. That Alex really seems to know what she’s doing.

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