Seasons Greetings (R.I.P VIII)




That’s Readers Imbibing Peril.  If you like Gothic, Paranormal, or down right scary stuff than I suggest you go here to find out more.  Essentially though it’s an excuse to read as many scary books as you like in preparation for Halloween (R.I.P runs from today to 31st October).

There is also a group read for The Historian here, which I’m taking part in.  I read the book a while ago and can remember that I loved it, although can’t remember enough about it to put me off reading it again.

I’ve also been toying with the idea of reading Dracula again after Emily January’s review.

Then there’re all the Ann Radcliffe novels on my Kindle that I need to see to. If that lady isn’t Gothic then what is?

As if all that wasn’t ideal enough then the reason I have so many unread Gothic novels lurking on my Kindle clanking their chains is because I’m aspiring to revise my gothic/fairy tale/regency/paranormal romance mash-up – so now I can’t put of the research any longer.

If that wasn’t excuse enough R.I.P finishes on October 31st, just in time for National Novel Writing Month!

Is it any wonder that the gothic/fairy tale/regency/paranormal romance mash-up isn’t finished?

With this in mind I’m aiming low, and hoping to only read The Historian and then either Dracula or The Romance of the Forest.

Finally, a big thank you to Tanya at The Yeti Says for putting me on to this.

Is anyone else taking part? Or do you have a favourite time of year?


10 thoughts on “Seasons Greetings (R.I.P VIII)

    • I’m really looking forward too it. Although I’ve still not started The Historian yet!
      I’d definitely recommend Ann Radcliffe, although you must be prepared to suspend your disbelief in some places.

  1. Lots going on and lots of choice! I keep meaning to re-read Dracula – it’s such a good read! Great post, Debbie – I love Autumn but all the seasons have something to love!

    • Thanks Linda. I’m tempted to get a Dracula audio book for the car. There is a Christopher Lee one, and one with Tim Curry as Van Helsing. I must admit, although all the seasons can be beautiful. Autumn is the only one that gets me really excited.

    • The Historian is the same sort of scary as Dracula. What was the horror story that you read? Yes, that’s probably the most links I’ve ever had on a post before.

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