Sharing a Guilty Pleasure

Today I have a confession to make.  My name is Deborah, and I read Regency Romances. Of all the folders on my Kindle the Regency Romance on is the biggest – it’s even entitled ‘oh dear’ as of all the romance genre I consider the Regency Romance to have the most fairy tale like quality due to the empire lines, tight breeches and a love that can even defy society, or Society in this case.

Still with over 40 books in my ‘oh dear’ folder the evidence suggests that I have gone well beyond the call of research for my own MS. So, ok, I enjoy reading them. Alright, I love reading them; I just don’t take paperbacks on the train. Some of those covers are far more provocative than the book’s actual content.

That’s why I cherish my Kindle. Behind that slick black exterior no one knows my reading habits.

That was until a recent journey. Without the visual clue of how far the book still had to go I finished sooner than expected, touched the screen only to be revealed with a promotion of the next book in the series.  Needless to say it was the cover of the next books in the series and it showed a stunning array of flesh.  I quickly put the screen saver on, thus banishing the treacherous image from sight.  Then I looked up, only to discover that the rather attractive young man in the seat next to me had been reading over my shoulder.

The height of rudeness! However being too embarrassed to show my displeasure I actually blushed.  Should women in there 30s blush? Or is that an activity reserved purely for the  debutante? In my confusion I actually changed seats at the next station – no small challenge in the midst of rush hour.

The way I see it, this is something that I have to accept about myself. Constantly checking for sneaky train readers is not practical and results in neck ache.  Either that or I just have to make myself read something less racy when in public.

Has anyone else got any else felt like they’ve committed a reading faux pas? Or what do you read as an indulgence?


6 thoughts on “Sharing a Guilty Pleasure

  1. I was obsessed with regency romances a few years ago! I can’t really handle them anymore, I think I wore myself out, but I will still read Gaelen Foley. Have you read her? I think she is a fantastic writer, and is really clear cut in her plots. Her characters are always different, with different challenges and backgrounds, so while it’s still in that fun regency period, it’s not the same thing you’ve read everywhere else.

    Yes, I have to come to terms with the girl inside of me sometimes too 🙂

    • I’ll have a look for Gaelen Foley. Thanks for the tip.
      I think I’ll probably wear myself out eventually too, and I’m back in the fantasy genre at the moment – less embarrassing book covers at least.
      Thansk for the comment.

  2. Read what you like on the train and don’t be ashamed of your choice! Just think of all the people who were gaily reading Fifty Shades of Grey in public last year!

  3. I get that guilty pleasure reads are called that because they make you feel a little guilty, but honestly? You should just unabashedly read whatever you want to read. Don’t feel the need to make excuses, even to yourself. 🙂

    In college, there was a time I had a block period free and had nothing to do for two hours. I got my phone out and proceeded to read a graphic novel. This was Warren Ellis, and he isn’t exactly known for holding back. After a while, I noticed that there were people sneaking peeks. A raised eyebrow usually takes care of the situation.

    Over-the-shoulder reading makes me pretty mad, though.

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