What do you call yours?

What do you call your writing room/space? Mine has recently be renamed the Domestic Sluttery.
This has been since,
1. My boyfriend heard them discussed on Radio 2,
2. The hallway (see last Wednesday’s post) is in a permanent state of redecoration and all the painting paraphernalia is being stored round my desk.

One of my Round of Word 80 goals, (visit Kait Nolan’s Blog for more on this here) was to tidy up my writing space.

I sped ahead with this goal, but needless to say I have now made some astonishing back tracks from this,


to this…


Originally, the word ‘slut’ meant dirty and came to mean someone with poor housekeeping skills. According to Radio 2 a ‘domestic sluttery’ was a place where Victorian gentlemen went to go and have their ideas. The room expected to be messy.

I (bravely, I think) googled the word before posting. To my surprise this website http://www.domesticsluttery.com/ , appeared in place of the naked ladies. Its tag line is, The home and lifestyle blog for women who have better things to do. If you need gifts for a nephew, or need to know how to make baking easy then this is the place for you.  After a few minutes digging about I feel like there is some feminist commentary to be had here.
I think the word’s perfect and I’m having a sign made. Provided my boyfriend will late me bang a hook into one of his freshly glossed doors!
As for my writing goals, it’s only 8.15 am here and I have a whole, so far empty, Sunday until 6pm when my boyfriend’s dad is coming round for dinner. I’m not cooking so that gives me pretty much a whole day to drag myself  track. Wish me and my coffee cup luck.

What do you call your writing space/study? And how are the Round of Word 80 goals going?


4 thoughts on “What do you call yours?

  1. The problem with words it is isn’t just about the actual dictionary meaning but the accompanying social and cultural associations a word has. It’s why word meanings change over time, why some fall out of use, and why new ones are created….

    Though I do love the term of a “domestic sluttery”, I doubt that the definition of dirty/slovenly will be as desirable to the (somewhat larger) portion of the population that are organizing events such as “slut walks” to highlight the abuse of women. To many of them, it isn’t as bad to promiscuous as it would be to be considered dirty and unclean since the “promiscuity” they are often fighting is simply to right to be sexually active and safe at the same time…

    (Oops… sorry about the soapbox, Debbie… as I said… love the term, not sure it will take off, even if it would be cool if it did. Hope you get your writing space the way it best works for you well before that. 😀 )

    • I appreciate that words change and that not everyone will want to embrace it. For me though part of the excitement of words is knowing where they come from and seeing how they have changed. Thank you for leaving your thoughts.

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