Hanging in there – RoW80 Check in


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Not quite as productive this week.  I did read Throne of Glass, another book of my ‘Fraidy Cat list. And I survived.  Looking forward to the sequel (out in August).

Taking a break from confronting my fears now though and reading and old favourite (Dreaming the Eagle by Manda Scott) interspersed with snippets from Rock your Revisions as my two week break is up and I need to start tinkering with my MS again, plus I still have to get some more off to my CP before she forgets what has already happened.

Her comments on the first half have been really helpful and I have so many ideas to make things clearer that I’m tempted to start revising before she’s had a chance to be helpful with the rest.

I have done some more plotting for my NaNo novel too, using the Rock your Plot guidelines and part of a system I picked up from Plot and Structure. I can highly advise doing this.  Everything makes so much more sense when it’s set out like this and I can see where there are splurges of just one character are and where all the character arcs don’t match up.


My boyfriend thought I was trying to invent my own card game.

I’ve also been good at leaving comments on other people’s blogs but rubbish at updating my own.  It’s not that I lack ideas, but I find it really stressful looking for pictures to make the post appear interesting.  That’s why I take so many of my own.  That is my primary goal for next week – I will load one blog post that is not ROW80 or IWSG related.






7 thoughts on “Hanging in there – RoW80 Check in

  1. You think I would forget what is happening? Heavens! Well, then Dear One. As we say in the states, “Get the lead out!” Send it over. I’ll gladly reread the whole blasted thing because I LUV it!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I think I took a break from the ‘Fraidy cat list because I know I like Manda Scott’s series and it was easier to start one of her books that I knew I loved rather than take a risk on a new book. Saying that though since I posted here I have yet to pick up another ‘Fraidy cat book. Perhaps it’s time to finally pick up Discovery of Witches?

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