Round of Words 80 check in

Wow, first and only check in for two weeks.  Haven’t written as much as I expected to of my WIP, but I have been doing an awful lot of research.  As a result I’m planning a day trip to London with my camera and my 1813 A to Z so I can scout out locations.

Although I’m not making head way in the areas I expected hope can be found in the fact that I still have the whole of March to reach my target. NaNo has proved that I can write a novel in a month so keep your fingers crossed for me.


12 thoughts on “Round of Words 80 check in

  1. I just wanted to say that your linky for this week doesn’t seem to be working. It looks like you’ve pasted in a link to the edit page for the post, instead of the published post.

    That aside, though, good luck with your research! I’ve been avoiding research, and I’m painfully aware of the places I have no idea what I’m talking about.

    • Thnak you! I’ll be aware of that next time round. It’s hard to get a sense of palce in your writing when you’ve never been somewhere. I do use google street view quite alot.

  2. I am simply pea-green with envy. My WIP takes place in Glastonbury and I have only the internet and a scrap-book of a fabulous vacation taken some ten-odd years ago to aid me!
    SIgh. I suppose I should just write a book about Wisconsin.
    Have a lovely!
    ~Just Jill

    • What’s your WIP about? I’ve been to Glastonbury quite a bit (It’s about a five hour drive and the destination for a few holidays more recentthan ten years ago) if you have any specific questions you can try me to see if I can remember anything?

      • Yay! I need a Brit on my side to pull this off! I’m always worried about the language. I just might take you up on that! Oh–and I know you are busy, but I nominated you for an award on my blog.
        ~Just Jill

      • Hi Debbie, I decided I really needed to take you up on your offer for help (oh yes you did) though the information I am seeking has less to do with Glastonbury and more to do with “how a Brit might say certain things”. I have a feeling you are terribly busy since you haven’t blogged as of late, but I thought I would ask anyway.
        I cannot find your email anywhere, so I’ll leave the questions here, and if you want, you could answer them via my email address (it can be found on my Google profile) or you can answer them here too and just delete the whole shebang later if you don’t want it cluttering up your comments. Who knows? It might start a rash of questions from other ignorant Americans as well. You could provide a real service to us!
        So, if you could enlighten me. Let’s play the game-show:

        “What would a Brit say?”

        1) What would you call a garbage truck and a garbage can (the outside kind).

        2) Do you call recycling “recycling”? (Well now THAT sounds idiotic but one never knows.)

        3) “The boys are still waiting in line”

        4)”go downtown” (if one lived in a small village).
        5) Welsh equivelent to “Good Heavens!” said by old lady.

        Oh, and one more for the road. How might a young Victorian girl say “You really kicked him in the balls!” politely and without being too vulgar/common.
        Many MANY thanks. I appreciate your time!!
        ~Just Jill

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