RoW80 Sunday Check in 20.1.13

Can’t stay for long as my revisions have taken a new turn.  One of my problems has always been too many characters and an overly complicated plot.  This week I have had the brain wave of merging a couple of characters and changing the relationship between a few of them.

This makes everything much more sensible, exciting and streamlined. It also means I’m practically back at square one in terms of revisions again so have more to do. I don’t mind though. It’s fun.

Saturday also saw my short story posted on SFF online so now that’s out of the way I can stop thinking about it.

Hope everyone else is still on top of things.


5 thoughts on “RoW80 Sunday Check in 20.1.13

  1. Hi Debbie,
    One of my eleven-year old daughter’s biggest complaints while reading is “Too many characters!” , “Too many plot-lines!”. I just read the “Shapeshifter” chapter from Christopher Vogler’s book, “A Writer’s Journey” and he was talking about merging characters, etc. Good Luck! Sounds like a good idea from here!

  2. I think it’s about life being a circle, Debbie. I had what you yearn for. Gave it up to a small corner of our open-concept living overlooking the lake. Many distractions though, and little discipline. It’s amazing I get anything written.

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