ROW80 – Sunday check in

I’m still hanging in there and have overcome some significant milestones.  These are;

  • One of the opening scenes in an assembly room where far too much happens and too many characters are introduced. (I cut stuff. Simple solution but I’ve never before had the gumption to really focus on what the scene needs to be and what absolutely has to stay and what needs to go)
  • My bad guys are two dimensional opera cape wearing fiends. (I’ve spent some quality time with them and done more research. One will get a mention in the Wednesday update/Word of the Week post on 16th January)
  • I tend to gloss over earlier scenes that I don’t want to write because my back plot isn’t suitably thought out. (I’ve sorted out my black plot and made everything much simpler. Hopefully this will stand up with time)

I’m also going to amend my goals slightly. Revisions will still be done by the 28th March but I’m also going to state how I’m going to do this as it makes the success of the goal more measurable.

  • I’m going to write some of ‘my book’ everyday
  •  I’m not going to get distracted by other projects (with the exception of my short story Little People which needs to be revised and on SFF online by the end of January. I’m hoping that can all be done this Tuesday)

7 thoughts on “ROW80 – Sunday check in

  1. Revision’s tough! My first published book, TIme’s Enemy, was over 150k – and that was after my first revision! It’s now about 120k – still long, but without all the extra stuff I didn’t need. I also skip scenes I don’t want to write, and often when I think about going back to them, find that they weren’t needed. Good luck with your revisions!

    • Wow, that is a big difference in the word count. I’ll keep an eye on the scenes I skip now and questionif they really are necessary. That’s a top tip. Thankyou.

  2. Dear Debbie, it is with mixed emotions that I leave this message to you because now I know you will be dorking around on a blog instead of tailoring your opera-cape wearing bad ‘uns for your novel. How about smoking jackets? Leisure suits?
    Back to work Lady!
    ~Just Jill

  3. Oh, I feel your pain with the, what should stay and what should go stuff. So hard, yet when done, it’s as if a weight has been lifted. Can’t wait to hear about the cape wearing fiends!
    Sounds like you have things under control.

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