A Round of Words in 80 Days – Round 1

For more information go here, but essentially you have 80 days starting from the 7th January and ending on 28th March to complete a writing goal you have set for yourself.

Sometimes you stumble across something just as the time you need it!

Right at the top of my To Do List are the words, ‘Finish current draft of My Book by the end of March’.

Previous to this it said, ‘Finish current draft of my book before Christmas’, and then, even more ambitiously, ‘Finish current draft of my book over Christmas.’

So, my goal for Round one of Round of Words is to finish the current draft of my novel.  If I pull my finger out this should be more than doable.  Especially given the recent Epiphany which I’ll be blogging about on 11th of January.

By the 28th of March it will still be far from perfect, but all the major revisions will be done and I’ll have something to send off to critique partner. Either that or I’ll be able to clearly tell that it needs to go in the bottom of my drawer while I write something else.

Update posts will appear on Sundays and Wednesdays, but I’ll still be incorporating the Word of the Week in to the Wednesday updates.








9 thoughts on “A Round of Words in 80 Days – Round 1

  1. Well if you do nothing else, you have an awesome blog title, so there’s there! I’m doing #ROW80 as well, so we can wish each other luck in completing our WIPs. May time, energy, & imagination be on your side these next couple months! 🙂

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