Get off your *rse!

Now is the time to be thinking about resolutions. Normally I’m not a fan, writerly resolutions or otherwise.  However, recently a few things have happened;

1)      I’ve had a medley of minor but rather inconvenient back problems,

2)      I discovered this report from the Australian from the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute in Australia. A summary can be found here, but it states that sitting gown can shorten your life expectancy,

3)      I worked out that on a weekday I could easily spend up to 15 hours sitting down, which was a combination of both my day job and my writing time.

I’m not going to preach about it just share how I’m trying to become a happy and healthy writer.


A very nice chiropractor kneaded me like dough and then told me all about sitting forward on your sit bones rather than slouching back on my coccyx.  This is harder to do than expected, especially hunched despondently before a computer at work.


It also helps if you take regular breaks. Even just standing up and stretching every hour helps. Although a physiotherapist that I also went to recommended every 20 minutes. I think my boss would get suspicious if I did that.

For more information have a look on the NHS website

I’m also becoming a big fan of yoga. Honestly, it’s great if you’ve been sitting still too long. Really not one for the office though. Have a look at this website if you’re interested. It’s the most user-friendly and doesn’t have the most humorous pictures.

Fresh air

In one of Neil Gaiman’s stories he quips about a writer making the effort to get out for his daily dose of fresh air.  On a weekend I can normally spend all day on my lap top frantically racing to get as much done as I can before the inevitable headache sets in.  I’ve discovered though that if I get up and go for a walk I can actually write longer because my concentration doesn’t get shot so quickly.

Actually, the really good thing about all this was the realisation if sitting down is going to chip away at my life expectancy, I would rather squander those years writing than watching inane TV. It’s made me a lot more focused.


5 thoughts on “Get off your *rse!

  1. I am with you on this one. If I don’t get a daily walk, I get back pain. Also if I don’t get enough fresh air and exercise, I get depressed and anxious. I know at times it can be a real pain when it is cold outside and the laptop is calling but the feeling when the fresh air and exercise hits us is worth it.

    • Yes, it’s such a pain to leave my lap top. I think it was working out how long I spend sitting down that really made me make the effort.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I’d read that about sitting down, too! Mind you, everything seems to shorten your life expectancy, doesn’t it?! Gawd help you if you’re sitting down AND eating saturated fats AND having a few glasses of wine AND becoming apple-shaped AND being stressed… I don’t suppose there’s much hope for any of us! 😉

  3. Well, this is appropriate! I was in agony on Thursday with a bad back 😦 it’s eased off a bit now, but I put it down to my chair. So yesterday hubby took me out to buy a new one. I do spend far too much time sitting at my desk, something I want to remedy in 2013….and especially now after reading your post!

    Thanks Debbie 🙂


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