Insecure Writer’s Support Group

After last Friday’s post it felt like time to go and find some therapy so I’ve signed up for the above.  Unfortunately it means this weeks ‘word of the week’ will be posted tomorrow, followed by another post on Friday.  It will be a challenge to do three posts in a row and that’s my first fear – that there is never enough time to do everything. Christmas is just round the corner and despite all the time off the day job there still wont be much time to get everything done.

This is closely followed by the fact that when some writing time is available I can’t quite seem to get that perfect prose on paper that sounds oh so good in my head. This week has been a week of tinkering constantly and being frustrated because the right words can’t seem to be shuffled into the right order.

What is everybody else worrying about at the moment? If you want some support too then follow the link below and sign up.


10 thoughts on “Insecure Writer’s Support Group

  1. Welcome to IWSG! Yeah, it’s hard to find time to write because there are so many distractions. I wish I could take a slice of time just for writing, but that always doesn’t work out. You’re not alone!

  2. Don’t beat yourself up for not getting enough done in Dec. The holidays are murder on schedules, and let’s face it, your priorities shouldn’t be writing — just enjoy family and friends and take time for yourself!
    As far as the words not measuring up — join the club! My first drafts are dreadful. Everyone’s are dreadful. Sometimes it takes scores and scores of rewrites to transform a frog into a prince. It’s not one kiss; it’s more like tons of total body washes! 😀

  3. I hear you on never having enough time. I almost feel like I can get more done on days I do work. Finding the right writing groove can be hard, too. They say writing at the same time each day helps, but not everyone works with structure. Just try to remember what the scene was like the last time you wrote really flowing prose and maybe you can figure out how to get into that perfect mindset.

    • I do try to write at the same time each day but the real world keep sgetting in the way. These days it tends to be whenever I can squeeze the time in. Thanks for the tip – I’ll try that. And thanks for stopping by.

  4. Great to have you with us, and remember, we’re all feeling the same about the process – the good and the bad, beginnings and ends and everything in-between. Good luck for a successful month. X

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