Beautiful Blogger Award

Thankyou to Vikki over at The View Outside who nominated me for the above award. The rules are you say seven things about yourself and then pass it on (my nominations are below.)


Six things about writing that I wish I knew ten years ago.

  1. How to justify text or the utmost importance of all those stupid niggly things that I’d rather not do.  These include, following competition rules correctly, learning how to write a synopsis and design a cover.  I hate doing these things, but if you can’t it doesn’t matter how good a writer you think you are.
  2. That I may not be great but I’m not that bad either or you make your own confidence. No one believes in you as much as you, baby. Be aware of your own limitations; just don’t feel you have to share them with everyone else too.
  3. That time is not infinite or get off your arse and write it now. I envy all you twenty somethings out there. Seriously, when I think about all that free time I had at uni when I could have been writing I feel slightly sick.
  4. How to edit myself or less is more.  This mostly refers to my correspondence.  There have been a couple of occasions where over enthusiastic emails have been sent which made me sound like a psychopath.  I’m much more reserved and coherent these days.
  5. How much fun revisions can be or getting lost in the detail. The perfect word is my Holy Grail.  I’m planning to do a proof reading course next year and can’t wait to learn how to use semi-colons efficiently.
  6. Just how much writing means to me or what else can I possibly do with my life? Enough said. I don’t write; I don’t live.


And one thing that I’m glad I didn’t know ten years ago,

  1. That I could self publish on Amazon or a lucky escape. If anyone has seen the stuff on my Fictionpress account you’ll know what I mean. I am not putting a link to FP account here, so don’t even think about it.

And now to pass the love on…

 Bel Anderson Writes

Morgan Le Fables 

The Writer’s Codex

Poppy Writes a Book

I think there is supposed to be seven or more, but I’m in a NaNo flurry at the moment and will update with more later.


7 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. Thank you so much for the award! Strangely enough, Vikki gave it to me as well but I just haven’t had time to put a post together yet! I will be putting that right this weekend! 🙂

  2. Hi, this is Coreena from the nano forums. You said you wanted to be part of the WIP blog hop. That’s great. Can you send me an email with your email so I can send you the questions? Thanks.
    coreenamcburnie at gmail dot com

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