Three, two, one, NaNo…

Well, not quite yet. Next week though and all those word counts are quietly ticking along at zero waiting for people to start writing.

The hardest thing is to start. Actually, the hardest thing, for me anyway, is always thinking of a title and finding the time to put a synopsis on my profile page. Designing a cover gives me migraines. Compared to that starting is easy. Just do it. Don’t think about it. No one is going to read this actual first draft of your novel after all.  The title and synopsis though are what you share with the world via your profile page, or with people who ask you what the hell you think you can write 50, 000 words about anyway.

This year I have been more organised. Here is what the hell I think I can write 50,000 words about;

The Eye of The Gods

Sun has survived a civil war to win a home for herself aboard Jade Dragon. Being a pirate makes staying alive a full-time occupation and getting on the wrong side or The Temple Elect means that Jade Dragon must embark on a journey to awake the old gods. A journey that could liberate Sun’s country but destroy the only home she has left.

Now everybody out there can do better than that, surely? So what are you waiting for? Just start.  Then come and buddy me.


3 thoughts on “Three, two, one, NaNo…

  1. I like the sound of that – good luck with getting your first draft down! I sort of wish I could join in but sadly there’s no way I can write enough and still be sane or healthy at the end without giving up my day job… 😦 Nice to ‘meet’ you! Bel. (new follower)

    • Hi Bel, nice to meet you.

      Yeah, it can be stressful fitting in the word count around going to work and the like. If you want to be a part of NaNo you can still make yourself a profile and get involved in the forums. There’s lots going on at this time of year.

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