No Worries? Write What You Love.

There is an almost cataclysmic amount of information on the internet about how to write your book, promote your book and sell your book.  It’s easy to get lost in and for the last year or so I’ve been surfing my way through it, sucking it in. A bit like eating a whole bag of Haribo and then having an epic sugar come down.

The reason for this is that once upon a time I began writing  ‘My Book.’   Every unpublished writer has ‘My Book’. It’s the one you dream about, the one you design snazzy covers for, the one that gives you a tingle akin to that first kiss with the love of your life.


Anyway, ‘My Book’ turned out to be pretty crap. Trying to make it better led to all sorts of doubt and fear regarding whether there needs to be a sequel to build a readership, how it’s to be marketed because of all the genres it mashes up, whether it should really be directing it at young adult because in fantasy that seems to be the market that nearly everyone is writing for…The list goes on until the shaking and dry heaving sets in.

Given all the potential speed bumps that lie ahead, do I really think its worth while finishing this story?

Yes. At the moment. After lots of pretty forced, insipid prose this story is actually beginning to shape itself into the ‘My Book’ of my dream. There is still a huge amount of crap to sift out, but for the first time in ages the writing process is actually enjoyable again. It’s an adventure rather than a chore.

Perhaps it depends on what sort of thing is wanted from writing.  At the moment any sort of publishing, indie or otherwise, is beyond the horizon. My current writing goals consist of finishing and being satisfied.  I would quite like to have a snazzy cover though.

In the mean time putting all the irrelevant worry in a locked box and shoving it under the bed appears to be a good idea.  Writing what I love should be enough. Shouldn’t it?

What does everyone else think? Am I being naïve or does it make practical sense to think ahead in terms of marketing etc.?




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