NaNo Prep – or three good reasons for a cup of tea.

Two and a half weeks to go. Is anyone else excited?

Just me?

In celebration here’re my three hints for NaNo prep.

  1. If you’re in the planning camp it’s worth thinking about a title and synopsis so that you can update your novel info, and for covers or banners to accompany your profile post. It’s always really interesting to know what other people are writing about and it also makes you more accessible to people who come along and check your profile out.  It’s not essential of course, but writing titles and synopsis are good practice – If nothing else they help you establish exactly what the core of your book is and help you to focus on what you want to write. However if you’re in the winging it cup put your feet up and have a cup of tea.

2. Depending on how you work now is also a good time to clear your writing diary. Make sure any current projects can be left alone to simmer while you work on NaNo. Paranoid freak that I am, my blog posts are drafted for November already.  However, if you’re an expert juggler have a cuppa and my eternal respect.

3.The forums are packed right about now. If you’re after mentors or writing buddies you’ll be inundated. Also check out your local forum for write ins. As insular and crazy as NaNo is there’s also chance for networking and there may be someone out there you’ll still want to talk to in December. However, if you see yourself more as a lone wolf of the literary world then it’s cup of tea time again.


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