In praise of words

Not so long ago I had a comment on one of my stories which criticised my use of too many posh words.  At first I wasn’t sure how to react. Exactly which words were the issue weren’t pointed out but I was aware of using ‘azure’ instead of ‘blue.’ Did that seem pretentious? Or equally devastating had my word choice made my prose completely incomprehensible?

A slight over reaction, maybe. But I do want my work to be accessible and am now torn between incorporating new words into my work or shying away from them if I feel they are too highbrow.

I do love words though, and I do get a thrill whenever I learn a new one or discover a titbits of history about one I already know.  While I’m trying to work out this latest conundrum, and in a venture to make my updates more regular, I’m going to start having a word of the week. And to stay with alliteration it’s going to be every Wednesday.

This week I’m celebrating where the problem started…


  1. A deep blue, occasionally somewhat purple, similar to the colour of a clear blue sky.

From Old French azur, asur. Taken from the Arabic (al)-lazaward “lapis lazuli,” from the Persian Pers. lajward, from Lajward, a place in Turkestan, mentioned by Marco Polo, where the stone was collected (

In Medieval Latin azzurum.  Used for blue in heraldry.

Does anyone else have a favourite word? Leave a comment and share.


6 thoughts on “In praise of words

  1. I agree with Jumeirajames. I love whatever I’ve seen of your writing so far, and you don’t come across as being pretentious at all.

    Love the idea, though.

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