So Little Time

Susan Dennard’s book Something Strange and Deadly was released on 24th July. I’m seeing a lot of first book releases on the internet lately and a large part of me is really happy for the authors concerned. Another small, dark, slimy part of me that I am less proud off is feeling more and more disheartened because that’s not my book out there. In fact I’m not even in a position where I can try and raise the odds that it could be my book.

I’m currently in the stages of revising a novel that I posted on Fictionpress a year ago (and by revise I mean significant structural changes and completely different setting) but It’s getting increasingly hard to allocate uninterrupted writing time.  There is always something else that I’m encouraged to think is more important, which I think is one of the natural states for writers. Me being me though I am letting myself get increasingly stressed out that I’m not writing. This leads to hundreds of scribbled notes that I never have time to file and occasionally zoning out in the middle of conversations, which is just damn rude.

So, before I get too whingey, here’s what I’m going  to do about it;

1)      Write it, then make it right. I can’t remember exactly where this came from but I think it’s valuable advice that I’ve been ignoring. I just need to get the words on the page (I’m estimating 120,000 of them for the book alone). So, daily word targets are the way forward;

2)      Treating writing like a business – another good piece of advice that I can’t remember the origins off.  I’m going to start by saying no to some things (and trying not to feel guilty about that) so I have more time to write. Plus more uninterrupted time to update this blog and make it pretty. This is so going towards my word count;

3)      Not have such high expectations of what I can accomplish within the time period I have. For example I have a week off work in August and was planning to sit down and write those 120,000 words in one go. Then I worked out that even when doing NaNo I only make about 1,500 day. 120,000 in a week is not going to happen;

4)      Hopefully that if I succeed with the points above that when I am at work or out with friends and family I wont be stressing because I’m not writing and will enjoy just being. Hopefully.

And congratulations to Susan Dennard, really, – check out her book at


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