The Name Game

Since creating this blog the euphoria of actually still managing to make regular posts (yes, all three of them!) has worn off.  As the cold morning light dawns I’m looking around and feeling pretty much like another lost little writer waiting to drift to the bottom of other blogs that are much better than mine. 

At the moment one of the first things I’ve been noticing about other blogs is whether the author uses their name or not. I first started posting online at Fictionpress where everyone has a creative pen name that encapsulates how they want you to see them. That made it more fun, and safer, because no one knew who I really was. 

It felt a bit like being at an online masked ball.

Not here. Here there are people posting who are actually in print and it feels like when you’ve made it, that’s when you start calling yourself by your birth name, or at least one that sounds like a name a person could have realistically been born with.

I could bore you with a lot of stuff justifying why I came up with the name for this blog, but I think it ultimately came down to the fact that who is going to know who Debbie Osborne is anyway? Although I feel more comfortable now using my name online, I think that given my still relatively anoymous status, I’m happy to still pretend I’m at the ball.Image


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