Blogging for beginners

The first article I read on writers blogging was in Mslexia magazine (link) back in 2007, I think. Since then I’ve updated myself on what to do and what not to do. One of the fundamental keys is to have something to sell. Now that I’m actually here staring out into the eerily silent void of cyber space I’m realising that I’m still not quite sure what that is.  It’s not quite me, and it’s not quite my writing either as I have yet to sufficiently revise a book until my eyes are bleeding and my fingerprints worn off, and feel like, ‘Yes, this is the baby that I’m going to query agents with.’

I like to live in hope though that one day I will.  And if that happens I’ll be well practised at this author platform malarkey and won’t find using technology a task set somewhere between frustration and terror.

In the meantime, if I’m not preaching to the converted,  I found these articles quite insightful as a starting point.

Pub (lishing) Crawl – a single post for the established author but good ideas

The Creative Penn – you have to sign up but good resource for the Indie Author.


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